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Visit Missouri Wine Country

Source: Pixaby | J. Wellington

Missouri Wine Country begins in the heart of St. Charles along the Missouri River. As you follow the Katy Trail Start Park north along the dirt-paved biking and hiking trail, you find a sprinkling of small towns on the edge of the beautiful bends of the river bluffs. The rich soil near the river is the perfect environment to grow the various grapes used in Missouri’s Award-Winning wines.

It comes as a surprise to many of our guests the deep roots the area has in making wine.  It started back in the 1800’s the early settlers to the region were French, German and Italian descent. All of these communities had a rich tradition in crafting wine and beer. Soon vineyards, wineries and breweries dotted the land along the river, across the state.  While many closed over time due to prohibition, over time, they returned and today, still newer venues open in the surrounding rural area.  

There are several award-winning wineries within a short drive from our property. The closest ones nearby are about 30 minutes to an hour drive south along Highway 94. Those closest include:


  • Defiance Ridge Vineyards 
  • Chandler Hill Winery
  • Sugar Creek Winery & Vineyards
  • Montelle Winery
  • Mount Pleasant Winery
  • Augusta Winery
To Learn More or Plan Your Trip:  Visit MissouriWine.org 
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